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    “You’re mad. Bonkers. Off your head...
    but I’ll tell you a secret...
    all of the best people are.”

Dear Mrs Bird

Pan MacMillan

dear mrs birdDear Mrs. Bird is a gem of a book by  A.J. Pearce.  Clever writing  capitalizes the protagonist Emmy Lake’s expressions that are important and exciting and this makes for an entertaining and enjoyable read.

As the book begins in 1940 London, Emmy shows up for a newspaper interview thinking the position is for a lady war correspondent when instead the position is to sort through letters written to an agony aunt  named Mrs. Bird. Unhappy with Mrs. Bird’s position on many of the letters she receives (and Mrs. Bird’s refusal to answer any that she deems unpleasant), Emmy decides to secretly answer some of the truly desperate letters, and the tale unfolds from there.

Based on the book’s synopsis, I was expecting a light-hearted read when in fact the story is thought-provoking, occasionally heart-wrenching, and simply beautiful. Pearce’s descriptions of blitzed and war torn London are so vivid that at times I felt I was right there with Emmy and her friends. The plot is Creative and Original, and I am so glad I read Dear Mrs. Bird. I highly recommend it.


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